My work stems from a long running affinity for botany which, when I decided to follow my passion for photography, opened a whole new world of possibilities. I call them mandalas because each one is a microcosm of our dear Mama Earth and the land I forage from.

The diversity around us is fascinating and I'm in a full immersion course. I feel compelled to forage, dissect, and research all the plants I uncover. I create small studies with the vast array of flora by my home in the Pacific Northwest.

I capture my wild-crafted finds by natural light, spending hours making and photographing them. It brings me a joy I have never experienced. The flowers, seeds, nuts and leaves seem to speak as I arrange them. Time takes on new meaning due to the short shelf life of the plants. 

These nature studies help me reflect on the perfectly imperfect beauty of an impermanent life. They keep me present.